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Clarkston Two State Walk

Sanction # 114701




DISTANCE: 5K (Clarkston, WA), 5K (Lewiston, ID)/10K (Two State), TRAIL RATING: 2B

START POINT: Motel 6, 222 Bridge Street (US12 on North Side of the Street)

DESCRIPTION: The 10 K goes along the Snake and Clearwater Rivers before looping into Lewiston and crossing the bridge back into Clarkston and the start/finish. 

ESVA Challenges: Asotin County, Restaurants (AM, AS, ME, EU), Womb to Tomb (School, Church, Mortuary) Whisky-Vino-Brew (Winery, Brewery)

AVA Challenges: Border Crossing

Point of Contact:  Keats McLaughlin 509 315-5142