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Walk/Bike the Centennial Trail

Sanction # 114707: Bike the Centennial Trail YRB 2074

Sanction # 114708: Walk the Centennial Trail YRW 0024



DISTANCE: Any distance chosen, TRAIL RATING: 1B

START POINT: AUNTIE’S BOOKSTORE, 402 W. MAIN AVENUE, SPOKANE, WA. I-90 Exit 281 (Division Street). Eastbound exit right and then left on Division (under I-90)/Westbound exit right and then right on Division. North to W. Riverside Avenue. Left on W. Riverside. Right on Washington Street to W. Main. Auntie’s is on left.

DESCRIPTION: Walk or ride on the Centennial Trail in Washington and Idaho. Select a Trailhead and drive to start or start from AUNTIE'S.

ESVA Challenges: Whisky-Vino-Brew (Distillery, Winery, Brewery)

AVA Challenges: Border Crossings, Carousels Across America, Rockin’ Around the Clock

Point of Contact: Allan Heritage, (360) 904-7236,